January 04, 2010

Deep Thoughts by Benjamin James

Greg enjoyed nearly two weeks off over the holiday. We've gotten very accustomed to having him around . . . Monday morning Daddy left us, much to our dismay.

Me: Ben, today we begin Daddy Detox.

Ben: I think we're going to need some walkie-talkies and some chocolate.

Recently, hanging out in the kitchen with both kids, we had the following conversation:

Me: Ben, do you know who I love?

Ben: Um, who?

Me: Well, I love you & Cameron & Daddy. And Ellie! Oh, let's not forget Kate & Big Daddy, Coco & Dustin & Paige, Mimi & Papa, Aunt 'Lissa, Uncle Bread, Ca-Cay, Jacob & Matthew. I love Jesus & God, too. And I love Sadie and Tessie.

Ben: Well, I love you and Daddy and Cameron and Ellie . . . And Mommy?

Me: What Ben?

Ben: Cameron, well, she just loves herself.

This past week Ben whacked his precious friend Sam in the head. Sherry {Sam's mom} overhead the altercation, and walked into the room to find Ben kissing poor Sam and saying, "You know Sam, I wouldn't hit you if you didn't make me so mad."

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