August 27, 2009

See-Saws & Spinners

There was no shortage of fun on this vacation. Ben and Paige made the most of the park . . . First it was spinning, then off to the see-saw. Then back to the spinner again. Thankfully all this occured before lunch, an important detail when dealing with small spinners and their stomachs.

Midland, Ruidoso, then Midland again. Benjamin, Cameron & Paige. Sadie & Tess {two month old King Charles Spaniels}. Deer & a rattlesnake. Paige's birthday party. Nine days of non-stop fun.

More pictures soon. Well, as soon as I get caught up in the laundry room.



  1. so glad you had fun. even more glad you're home.

  2. YAAAAAAY! I am so glad you are back. I will be hunting you down to mark in red ink on your calendar a play date! Miss and love you, sweet girl!


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