August 12, 2009


Caught him, Sunday, quite literally hanging out in his bedroom window. This was his choice of activity instead of resting, or better yet, napping. THAT BOY OF MINE!!!!! Ya'll, he is fun. He is mischievous. He is fast. These traits combined have convinced me that one day I'll be happily doing the dishes {okay, maybe the happy part is a stretch} at my kitchen sink, gazing out at the pretty pool just in time to see Ben do a cannon ball from his second floor window. First on my agenda as soon as we return from our Ruidoso trip, new no-risk-for-strangulation window treatments. Michele, get ready, I plan to put you to work and wear out your sewing machine.

PS Can you see the fear in his face upon being caught? I LOVE THAT!



  1. That is hilarious! Tommy has been dealing with pigeons on our roof....the Colorado equivalent of The Woodlands mice. Anyway, he has been going out of the girls window to get to them....he always makes sure we are far, far away and they NEVER see him do it. Reagan would surely try it for herself. win the best dog post!!! I laughed like crazy.


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