May 25, 2009

A Weekend in Review

I headed to Dallas early Saturday to celebrate my grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary. Benjamin stayed here with his daddy {strep throat struck again}. Weekend details follow . . .

Spent some quality time with this little roomie. While admitably adorable, she proved to be a less than desirable roommate. Cameron-girl, while I fully understand that you do not need your beauty sleep, your mother needs it desperately.

There's no telling how many germs we brought back home to Ben, especially after Cameron's love affair with La Quinta's remote control.

Moving right along . . . Following are pictures of my handsome grandfather, Big Jim, and his darling Bessie Mae. She still lights up the room, and he still beams with pride over his beautiful bride of sixty-five years.

The little great-grandchildren had a ball. They also had animal crackers, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and more.

Then the real fun began. We gave the kiddos some fruits and veggies pizza and juice and lots of candy . . . Then give them a giant pink bat and three pinatas to demolish.

The little ones needed some help. No hesitation from these big kids volunteers!

The pinatas proved to be a little tough to destroy. So Uncle Rich pitched in.

Did I mention that my Uncle Richie is a Colorado State District Court Judge?

Finally, candy {just what we needed, more candy} for everyone.

We had the most wonderful time! Happy Anniversary, Grandmother & Grandad!



  1. Don't think you could have captured her personality any better! Those pictures are AWESOME.

    Miss you girl...girls night has to be coming up!!!

  2. I love your pictures of Cameron girl! That second one reminds me so very much of Ben! I am ready for girl's night, too!!


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