October 10, 2008

Girl's Day In

Amy and Sarah came over the other morning for a Girl's Day In. Sure was fun. The hi-light was watching Sarah practice her pirouettes in her Tinkerbell costume. I made the mistake of calling her Sarah, and was gently reminded that she was Tinkerbell, not Sarah, and her mother was now Belle. What a doll! Amy took a great picture of me and Cameron, for which I'm so thankful, as I have maybe two pictures of us together! Love you, Friend!



  1. What a great picture that turned out to be! That sweet "diva" is so in love with her mommy. I enjoyed our girl's day and look forward to many more! Would love Ben to crash our party too!

  2. Oh my!!! What a beautiful picture of you! Like you, I am ALWAYS the photographer and never in any pics! Need to work on that huh? I am loving how sweet and precious those babies are. We are missing yall terribly and need to reconnect soon!

    Take care!!


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