October 27, 2008

Current Stats

The Diva had a check-up this morning. Yes, she boo-hooed when she got her shots, but otherwise had a great appointment. Cameron weighed in at 14 pounds 9 ounces, and measured 25-1/2 inches long. She's a tiny girl, especially when compared to Ben!

She LOVES . . . applesauce, evening walks, bubble baths and snuggling.

She HATES . . . peas, prunes, taking naps, being alone.

Nicknames include The Diva, Moonie-Girl, Missy, and Baby (Ben's favorite).

She is trying to sit up, loves to blow bubbles, talks (squeals) constantly, and is ooching backwards and rolling over to try to get to (Ben's) toys.

She is a busy joy.


1 comment:

  1. ...and camera loves her. The Diva is very photogenic.


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