August 08, 2008

The Diva

Otherwise known as Cameron. And she is, most definitely, a diva. She requires (demands) hands-on constant attention. We oblige her. As I find myself falling further and further in love with her, I am constantly whispering thanks to my Heavenly Father who created her. No, designed her. He planned her long, dark eyelashes. He knew just how perfectly they would frame her noticeably wide, dark eyes. He actually knows the number of hairs on her sweet little head (he's also keeping count of mine as my once-gorgeous-due-to-pregnancy-hair falls out all over the house). He put that adorable cranberry birthmark right on the top of her head, where I can kiss it any time I want. People call it her 'angel kiss'. I wonder if God let the tiny baby I lost early in my first pregnancy plant that sweet kiss on her noggin before sending her my way. Her hairy back, his plan. I'm just relieved that she's not as hairy as Ben. Designed by Him, knit together in my womb, a most precious gift, my Diva, Cameron Elizabeth.



  1. she is so beautiful!!! I love the way you describe her as such a gift because she is! Thanks for the reminder about our loving Creator!

  2. Sooo sweet He is to design us so beautifully, as I'm so unsatisfied with everything about myself right now. Thank you sweet sister for the reminder. I needed that.
    Cameron is a darling!


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