April 02, 2008

Cameron's Room

Went for a check-up yesterday, and Miss Cameron is already SEVEN POUNDS! Little one likes Girl Scout cookies and double-stuffed oreos. And salads, FYI.

Here are some pictures of her room. It's a sweet little room, with so many cherished things. My Mom sent the darling little tole lamp, and provided all of the bunny pictures. Big Daddy sent the blue chest of drawers. The little green blanket chest was a Christmas present from my parents, and the framed pillow cases were actually made by my Great-Grandmother. Greg's mom completely re-did my lace curtains, and they are perfection! Courtney sent me Paige's nursery bedding. Benjamin donated his crib and mobile to the project, and her room is thus complete!

1 comment:

  1. So Sweet! Sounds like the whole family is excited about this little girl...since it was a group effort. It is even more special that way. I hope to see you real soon!


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