March 31, 2008


Benjamin is two years old today. At times we laugh, and say he makes us feel like we're old, trying to keep up with his limitless amount of energy. He's the most amazing blessing in our lives, and we thank God for him over and over again . . .

Current favorites include the movie "Cars", and all the little matchbox cars he can get his sticky fingers on. He also loves to play outside. Loves Hungry, Hungry Hippo. Mr. Noodle (or Noo-noo, as Ben calls him) is another great friend in this house. He would eat cheese for every meal if I would let him, and he's still allergic to milk, so it's one little string cheese per day, no more.

He's tough, and he's strong-willed. He's independent, but very loving. He gives the best hugs. He says "slease" instead of "please". He teaches us something new every single day. Love this kid!

P.S. The cake was red when Greg bought it, but turned pink when we took it out of the fridge!! But Ben's Mimi saved the day, she got him a blue birthday cookie cake, so all's well that ends well!

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