February 21, 2012


Spent the day in the sunshine with my three shadows . . .  Cameron, Ellie & Holly {in no particular order}.  The newest member of the all-girl gang tends to hang out on or in between my feet, but with a face like hers, I'm not likely to mind. 

Holly's favorite hang-out.

Our sweet Holly-girl.  She's a three pound butterball, and has already stolen our hearts, the way puppies so easily do.  She passed her puppy well-check with flying {tri} colors, and is nearly sleeping through the night.  True to her Cavalier roots, she requires nothing more than a warm lap and a little bit of kibble to keep her content.  We're happy to oblige her.

 Cameron is always ready to help potty-train!


  1. She couldn't be any cuter if she tried! If I ever have a puppy, it will have to be a super cutie so that I can't get mad when it makes a mess of things. Wink!


    1. You bless me so, sweet Linsey! If you ever cross over into dog-lover land, you have to consider a Cavalier--they're passionate about warming laps . . . And hearts!


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