November 28, 2011

It's nearly December.  There is an ornament on the kid's tree that happily ticks away the days until Christmas.  It's reading something insane like twenty-seven days. 

November was good.  There were, as usual, some blips on the radar.  But it was still good.  And I am so thankful. 

I successfully hosted thanksgiving.  As a first timer, I rather despised the frequent {eleven total} trips to the grocery store.  The food was wonderful {Mom gets credit for the dressing . . . to die}.  My dining room was so pretty, sporting it's Blue Aves china and my great-grandmother's white linens.  I completely cheated on the turkey--bought rotisserie and put it in the crock-pot.  It was amazing.  Coco & Dustin & Paigers came, too, so it was a full house.  Ben couldn't believe I didn't make corn.  He insisted corn was an integral part of any Thanksgiving feast.  Next year, Ben, I promise you corn.  I just could not go to HEB again. 

One of the aforementioned blips is that my parents have decided to move back to Midland, their former stomping ground of nearly forty years.  The two years with them here have been nothing short of magical.  As their child, I would like very much to throw myself at their feet and scream and cry until they give in and decide to stay.  As Ben & Cameron's mother, however, I must put on my brave face and set a good example and remind them that we'll visit.  Lots. 
Currently four little monkeys are scampering about the second floor of this happy house.  Two sweeties from next door frequent us, begging only for company & cookies.  We happily oblige. 
I am sitting in my office, the Christmas tree is completely lit up next to me, and dinner is already made.  For this, I am thankful.  For the record, we've assembled the tree this early one other time in our nearly eleven year marriage. 

There remains much to be done, from laundry to life-lessons.  Blogging is somewhere on the list.  Just quite a bit lower than laundry. 

Back soon . . .  After all, it's my list-making season, and it's cold outside.  Generates lots of hot-coffee drinking, blogging and pinning time in the study with the sparkly tree. 

Thankful, grateful, happy & blessed

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  1. I am totally picturing you with you shot cup of coffee next to a sparkling tree. You have your priorities straight. I love that!



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