March 30, 2011

Friday's Child

On this birthday eve, I can't stop thinking about the night my Ben made his debut. He was a Friday's child.

I'm dwelling on the memories. Remembering that I was instantly Mama Bear, proud and over-protective. I never let anyone babysit {grandparents included} until he was nearly nine months old. But this child, this sweet boy, well, he had my heart.

Almost every afternoon we napped together. We did very little sleeping at night. He still sleeps with that blue blanket . . . A soft, tattered reminder to me, a familiar comfort to him.

What I wouldn't give for a do-over with this happy guy. He was full of grins, so happy and easy. He was hungry {still is, commonly eats 2+ sandwiches at lunch}. He was FUN!

Fast forward several years . . . My boy isn't a baby or a toddler any longer. He's a boy! He actually has hair growing on his legs {and a serious hair on one big toe}!!

Ben loves dogs, transformers, chocolate milk and his blue blanket. He rides his scooter endlessly about the cul-de-sac with his little sister in tow. He loves to take things apart. He's energetic, enthusiastic and easy-going. He hates thunder and lighting. He really hates green beans and carrot salad grosses him out. He runs everywhere. Not. Kidding. Runs. Everywhere.

Happy Birthday Ben. I love being your mother.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3:18

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  1. Amanda- This blog made me cry!!!! LITERALLY! call it pregnancy hormones....but it was a genuine reflection from your heart that reminds me all to well that this sweet, precious time I have with my Rylee and new sweet baby girl on the way is going to pass altogether too trying as it can be....i want to savor EVERY MINUTE! Thanks for that- love and misses- Kristel


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