February 09, 2011


I'm green with envy! I need a crowbar. And for Greg to take the morning off. I want this woman's pantry.

Her beautiful blog is called "For the Love of a House", and I'm one of her stalkers admirers. Her kitchen is divine. The fireplace is perfection.

She and her husband found themselves in a tiny town in New Hampshire, transplanted from Dallas. Truly, her blog is filled with photographs and all the wonderful details of transforming an old, neglected farmhouse into a work of art. Never fails to delight!

I'm trapped inside today, the stomach bug has hit my youngest, while a cough consumes my eldest.

Greg, Sweetie?? Will you please bring us home some laundry detergent and a crowbar?

1 comment:

  1. she even put a rug in her pantry... who would have thought? so inviting...of course i love it!


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