November 23, 2009

Before and after . . . Almost!

Picture taken from MLS listing . . . As in, before we even moved in.
I knew the mantle would have to go as soon as I entered the room.

I took this picture during inspection. It doesn't really capture the early 90's feel of this glossy orange oak mantle and slightly peachy flesh-toned tile. The giant TV space to the left of the fireplace had more of the glossy orange wood above it. The cheery yellow paint clashed perfectly!

Still trying to figure out the best solution {not to mention least expensive} to the lovely glass doors with brass and oak trim. Take out the doors? Paint the brass? Remove the old mesh screens currently covered with dust?

Today the paint is dry! And not a moment too soon. About an hour after Leo {my fabulous painter} left Benjamin put his sweet little hand print right in the middle of the new satin finish on the bookcases.

Stone surround and hearth go in tomorrow morning. Construction dust is happy dust!

It's going to be pretty just in time for the holidays!
Stay tuned, more pictures soon.



  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! i can't wait to see it in person! we miss you and we've only been gone for two days :(

  2. well done... awesome... you have taste, girl.

  3. Pretty! Where's the TV gonna go?


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