July 11, 2009

Just plain sticky

Summer is sticky in this house. Sticky fingers, sticky spots on the floor . . . Sticky faces post-meal time are pretty much a guarantee. So I stock the top kitchen drawer with wipes, and when I get the kiddos to bed early {usually due to a nap deficit} I clean the floors. Tonight, the floors are clean thanks to dining alfresco. Ain't nothing better than a mozzarella pizza dinner in the warm, damp heat chased by raspberry popsicles.

Master Benjamin showed off his tongue skills, his fat lip and his eyelashes post-dinner.

This child takes nothing seriously. He's the life of the party every night. EVERY night.

Sweet old Ellie, she rarely makes the blog. She faithfully makes it to her perch at the table every night. She doesn't eat rejected fruit & vegetables, but happily eats everything else, and contributes greatly to the cleaning of the floors.

This girl never misses a meal. And she digs the aforementioned mozzarella pizza.

More swimming. Always more swimming. Love this water baby boy.

As much fun as this sweet, sticky day has been . . . The high-light was when this boy braved the floors, sticky spots included, and installed my killer-new KitchenAid dishwasher. And to think I used paper plates tonight!



  1. oh, i'm so happy that the dishwasher is installed! thanks for letting us sticky up your floors so often!

  2. I miss you, miss you, miss you! Can we do something SOOOOOON, please? =)



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