June 24, 2009

Cookies & Candid Conversations

Cameron ate her first Oreo. She really liked it.

She also really likes chocolate pudding {she takes after her mother}.

Don't worry. Ben got some chocolate pudding, too.

That was after our morning theological discussion . . .

Me: Ben, did you know that God made you a perfect Ben?

Ben: Uh huh.

Me: And he made your eyes just so, and your mouth just right . . .

Ben: And my fingers and my toes?

Me: Uh huh. All of you, just perfect, a perfect Ben, made by God.

{long pause}

Ben: Mommy, you be Ms. Potato Head, and {getting louder, almost yelling} I be GOD!!!

Mommy: {thinking YIKES} Um, no, Ben. There's just one God. Just like there's just one Ben.

Ben: Well, now there's two.

Me: No, Ben. Just God is God. He's the only one.

Ben: Well, I want to see him.

Me: {stumbling here} You can't really see God with your eyes. But he's everywhere Ben, especially in your heart. He lives way up high, up above the sun and the moon. He's up higher than airplanes go, even higher than the space shuttles go.

Ben: Yeah. He's up there with Santa Claus.



  1. How funny! I'm so glad you wrote that down!!

  2. Their little minds keep us on our toes! Love your kids and you!!!

  3. That is so cute! I love the sweet things that go through their minds.

  4. HAHAHAH! This is hilarious! I get how all the references to God are related, but where in the world does Mrs. Potato Head fit in!?

  5. hahaha... that is hystrical. May there be many more questions to come and may God fill you with all the wisdom to help him understand. Love you girl!


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