December 13, 2008

Santa, Baby!

This morning we visited Old St. Nick! Benjamin told Santa he wanted a space shuttle and a new Frankie. "Frankie" is what Ben calls Frank, the scary combine from the movie Cars. Ben will also tell anyone who will listen that he needs a new Frankie because his got poo-poo on it and Mommy threw it away. I won't go into detail, but I will tell you that poor Frankie got thrown out after an unfortunate incident involving a bathtub and a potty-training-two-year-old who refused to sit on the toilet. Back to Santa . . . Miss Cameron sat happily on Santa's lap and played with his beard . . . Which was a good thing, because she was fast-approaching meltdown stage after waiting in line for an hour to meet Santa!


1 comment:

  1. THe Frankie story makes me laugh! There are no better stories to share with other Mommies than the potty training incident. I was just thinking this morning that I am almost back there for round two!Miss the way, since you lived here, you will understand. The temp. at the top of my MSN page says 1 degree!!!! It is crazy cold!!!!


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