July 18, 2008

What about you?

i am: a blog junkie

i think: about my loved ones, near and far, all the time

i know: i am incredibly blessed

i want: my children to know and love Jesus

i have: a wonderful husband

i wish: i could clone myself to meet all of the immediate needs of my little ones, and have a clean house at the same time

i hate: when the kids in our neighborhood are unkind to Ben

i miss: my niece Paige terribly

i fear: loss

i feel: tired, but happy as Cameron keeping me up all night must mean she's a healthy, thriving girl

i hear: sweet silence, as Ben is playing at his grandparent's house, and Cameron is napping

i smell: my lavender & rosemary diffuser

i crave: dark chocolate

i search: for Ben's sippy cups constantly

i wonder: sometimes, if I'm getting through to Ben (he's two, he's very two)

i regret: not having my children earlier

i love: hearing my kids laugh, it's a magical sound

i ache: for my friend Sarah, her little boy is so sick

i care: about what my family eats

i always: organize things

i am not: good at letting the little things go

i believe: that this is the best time of my life

i dance: with my silly Ben when we watch the music scene in Cars, and with Cameron when she needs some soothing

i sing: (terribly) "Lullabye" when I rock my babies

i cry: almost never

i don’t always: get the much-needed daily shower

i fight: the aging process

i write: on my blog and via email, rarely a real note

i win: most arguments

i lose: sleep when I'm anxious

i never: go a day without chocolate

i confuse: my words, now that sleep deprivation is at it's highest level

i listen: to Greg reading Ben his bed time stories

i can usually be found: in my sweet house, with my family

i am scared: of big gross bugs

i need: to vent when the day has been long and hard

i am happy about: the sweet, small moments that remind me why I'm here at home, being their mother, and that this job is so worth the hard times

What about you?


  1. Sweet darling, you are precious. I thought about dropping in on you today with chocolate as I cruised down the parkway. Then dismissed it as it wasn't even 9am! Funny how we share some of the same "answers". I love you and I'm partying with you at 2am!

  2. i loved reading that sweet friend. Thank you.

  3. All this sounds familiar. We are more alike than I thought; however, I cry weekly. Love you girl and good to read this and find out a little more about my friend.


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