January 03, 2008

Better late than never!

Overdue (yes, I'm still recovering from all the festivities) pictures of Christmas. We had Christmas here (just us three), then Christmas with Greg's family here, then headed to Midland for Christmas Eve. It was such a neat year, Ben's at such a fun age . . . His favorite toys included a little bitty train and remote control and a big green drill. Ben and Paige really had fun at Paige's new cafe, and Paige served us all skinny mochas (Courtney loves her drive-thru Starbucks)!

Big Daddy and Kate bought Ben a GIANT (where am I going to put it?) giraffe tent. Ben ADORED it until the giraffe head went up, and then his big old sad lip showed up. I caught him on camera "oooohing", and then boo-hoooing when his sweet tent reached it's seven foot height limit.

You all know by now how Type-A I am, so I was just happy to take the tree down and start cleaning again!!! Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and ROCK ON you spring cleaners!!

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